Dr. Hanna Luhavaya, Ph.D.

Hanna (Anya) was born and grew up in a city of Mogilev in Belarus. In 2006 she went to Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia to pursue BSc and MSc degrees in Chemistry with specialization in Chemical Enzymology. In 2011, Anya moved to Cambridge where she worked towards her PhD degree under the supervision of Prof. Peter Leadlay. Her PhD research was focused on the investigating biosynthetic pathways of complex polyether natural products from Streptomyces bacteria. Although her first degree was in chemistry, throughout her PhD Anya’s interests have shifted towards genetic engineering, microbiology, and biochemistry of natural products biosynthesis. Anya joined the Moore Lab in November 2015 to explore the biosynthetic aspects of natural products of marine origin.

Selected publications

  1. Luhavaya H., Dias M.V., Williams S.R., Hong H., de Oliveira L.G., and Leadlay P.F. Enzymology of Pyran Ring A Formation in Salinomycin Biosynthesis. Angew Chem Int Ed, 2015, 9, 13622-25.
  2. Luhavaya H., Williams S.R., Hong H., de Oliveira L.G., and Leadlay P.F. Site-Specific       Modification of the Anticancer and Antituberculosis Polyether Salinomycin by Biosynthetic Engineering. ChemBioChem, 2014, 15, 2081-85.


Selected awards


2014                   Best talk prize at the Chemistry and Biology of Natural Products Symposium VIII,          University of Warwick, June 2014

2011 2014        Fully-funded Cambridge International Scholarship towards PhD studies

2011                    Twice laureate of the Belarus President’s fund for the support of talented students